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New SDR and Sometimes Work Doesn't Pan Out . . . - Wordish Wanderings

Apr. 28th, 2008 09:31 am New SDR and Sometimes Work Doesn't Pan Out . . .


Monday, April 28, 2008

Waning Moon

Saturn Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde

Rainy and cool



The new issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is out, which means my latest installment of “The Literary Athlete” is up.  It’s called “In Between” and gives suggestions what to do while your manuscript makes the rounds.  You can find it here:




The Pre-Derby article is off, and should be up in a couple of days.  The monologue went off, the actor read it via web-cam, I did a rewrite, sent it off, we worked via webcam, I tweaked.  I think it’s in good shape.  I sent him one final tweak when I got home last night; if he’s comfortable, he can memorize it (his audition is tomorrow).


I didn’t get the script doctoring job.  They decided to go with someone else (who has no published credits and has never written in play or screenplay format) who was willing to do it for the “experience” rather than pay.

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